Accessing insert plug-in via keyboard in Dorico 4

Dear fellow Doricians, dear Team,

I find that, since Dorico 4, I can no longer select my favorite reverb in the inserts list with my keyboard (I used to press L to highlight the LX480 reverb), I have to use the mouse to navigate and select through the list. Has this already been reported? I haven’t seen anything about it yet. Could this be restored?
[Edit] The behavior is the same in 4.0.10

It works for me, Marc. I can’t remember what it was like before, but if press L I get the first item beginning with L highlighted. That said, the highlight isn’t that obvious, particularly at small resolutions.

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I suppose you’re on PC? On my Mac it certainly does not work.

I’m on a Mac too (iMac Pro 2017)

Let’s just make sure I’m doing the same as you. I open the Mixer, click on the Inserts header to show the 4 available slots, click in an Insert slot to access the FX VST list and type L to highlight the first VST beginning with that letter.

ETA: Just found a neat little trick - Pressing the letter again cycles through other VST’s starting with that letter. I wonder what the entry is for getting rid of the VST altogether (the ellipsis at the top of the list)?

Yes! Well, that is strange. Maybe that’s because my list is quite long?

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114 VST’s in my list.

Are you 100% sure it’s not being highlighted? Seems like a dumb question but I had a recent issue with some iPad software where I couldn’t see an item being highlighted. It turned out that the brilliance setting on my ipad made the highlight almost invisible. The highlight in Dorico VST list is a lot less noticeable than, for example, highlighting categories in the Preferences window.

I’m in Dark Theme Mode on my Mac Btw.

it doesn’t work in 4.0.10 on Win11 either :slight_smile:

Your list is long too… Ok, I’m sure REVerence is highlighted when I open the list pressing on the … button. And then, no matter what I do, the highlight will change if I scroll through the list and hover over another Plug-in. My keyboard is out of the game.

Reverence is highlighted for me if I click on the ellipsis in a slot where Reverence has already been loaded - and then no amount of keyboard action does anything. It’s all down to the mouse. But in a new, non-assigned (empty) slot, the keyboard works OK for me.

Ok. What I am trying to do is change from Reverence to LX480 (as I do in all my projects), and it doesn’t work. As for you, if I understand correctly your last post.
It was possible in versions before 4.0, so this is my feature request — well, I’d rather have a way to tell Dorico I will use LX480 by default instead of REVerence, since we’re on the feature request department :wink:

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