Accessing more notes on Drum set staff


I’ve been messing around with sounds a bit and decided I want to use one of the drum kits from Halion Sonic SE, specifically [GM 131] Jazz Kit. I was able to figure out the percussion mapping, but I noticed that the note input options on the drum staff in Dorico 4 Pro limit my access to just a few of the notes from GM 131. Basically, every note C0-C6 is assigned to a different sound on GM 131, however on the full drum set staff in Dorico, I can only enter notes from (if we are talking about it like treble clef) D below the staff to D above the staff, which are named with drum hit names (H-hat, Snare) instead of regular note names (A6, C5). Right now I don’t have access to every note offered by GM 131 and likely a few other Halion Sonic drum instruments, and I haven’t found anything in Setting or Preferences yet that changes this.

My question is, is there something I can do that will allow me to enter notes on a staff that will trigger the remaining sounds? I doesn’t matter to me if the solution involves messy looking notation; I write mainly for the sound.


You can add multiple instruments (sounds) to the same line or space.

So, perhaps you have both tom 1 and a cowbell assigned to the space/line, with different note heads. when you move up and down the staff, it will stay on the same spot and cycle through the different instruments.


That makes sense. Where can I edit the sound mapping (Sorry if it should be obvious, I’m still a beginner with Dorico)?

No worries on being a beginner… we all started at the same place with Dorico! :slight_smile:

1 thing to keep in mind (this will make a lot of sense if you have to change sound libraries in the future), Dorico needs 2 pieces of information a Playback Technique and an Instrument.

In the Library menu (Dorico 4), or the play menu (earlier versions), Open the Percussion Maps menu item. From here you can create a new map or edit an existing map.

Be sure to include an appropriate Playback Technique and the appropriate instrument (you name what you want).

Then under the setup mode, edit percussion kit, add the instrument on the line or space you want, then edit the percussion playing techniques. Create a new playing technique with the appropriate playback technique and instrument.

I hope this helps you get started.


Can’t thank you enough. Had no idea I could edit the percussion kit!

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