Accessing side chain input in Halion 6 using Digital Performer 10

Hi, I’m new to this forum. I’ve been a MOTU Digital Performer user since the 1990s. I bought Halion 6, earlier this year and have had success in sampling and creating instruments in Halion using physical, external instruments. It’s only now, after not using Halion for a number of months that I have come back to Halion, hoping to record the output from AU plug-in instruments, internally through DP, so that I can sample them in Halion. I can understand that the integration between Cubase and Halion is more tightly integrated than Halion is with software DAWs made by competing companies. However, within my DP instantiation, Halion is missing buttons and tabs (present in Cubase integrated instantiations of Halion 6) that would certainly simplify the process of making a routing between DP’s output and Halion’s input. Within DP, the instantiation of Halion has no insert selection button or tab like it does (from what I have seen in YouTube videos) like when Halion is integrated with Cubase. Has anyone used Halion 6 with DP and been able to sample DP’s virtual instrument (plug-ins) output? I think that it can be done, somehow, but I can’t seem to figure out how to make the routings. Any help that anyone could give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. DT

I’ve solved this. The side-chain function is a function that’s particular to the VST3 plug-in format so it’s not possible to Sample in Halion 6 in a side-chain using AU plug-in format. It’s easily remedied, for me though, in Digital Performer 10, which can be switched to work with VST2, VST3 or AUs. Being someone who hasn’t come to Halion 6 from Cubase, this was not clear to me. Steinberg’s Halion 6 pdf user’s manual is particularly useless when explaining these things. I’m not sure why that is, but my guess is that aspects of side-chaining are better explained in Cubase user’s manuals and since Steinberg figures that customers would most naturally migrate from Cubase to Halion 6 and be more aware of the VST3 plug-in format, the necessity of explaining side-chains in Halion 6 would be simply repetitive to customers coming from a Cubase/Steinberg point of reference. I wish that Steinberg would not assume that, though. It would be easier to determine these things if they were clearly stated in the user’s manual. This also brings up another point, which is that the quality of information provided in the Halion 6 pdf user’s manual is not nearly as comprehensive as the non-pdf Halion 6 user’s manual which is provided on Steinberg’s website. For more detailed and accurate information, the Halion 6 user’s manual on the Steinberg website is much more comprehensive than what is provided in the downloadable pdf manual.