Accessing the Properties Panel

Sometimes I have difficulty making the Properties panel appear. CTRL-8 doesn’t work, nor does a simple click on the bottom bar or arrowhead. This seems to happen when I have closed all panels with CTRL-0. Is anyone else noticing this situation?

(I can restore the Properties panel–along with the side panels–by typing CTRL-0 again, so I know that work-around.)

Even if you have hidden the Properties panel with Ctrl+0, hitting any of the Ctrl+6/7/8/9 shortcuts effectively undoes Ctrl+0 anyway, so you should always be able to show it simply by typing Ctrl+8 at any point if it is hidden (provided you’re in Write or Engrave mode, of course).

I’m having this problem too. Is anyone else still experiencing this? Frequently both Command+8 and clicking the arrow at the bottom fail to pull up the properties menu. I haven’t been able to notice a pattern as to when this happens. But after I click around for a while, command+8 or clicking the arrow eventually works. Is there something I’m doing wrong here?

Hi Coati.
I have not used shift-0 for many years (4?) and this is a problem I no longer experience… Try not to use it and maybe you’ll be fine?

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What platform are you running, @Coati (Windows or macOS)? What are the dimensions of your display? Do you run Dorico full-screen or maximised? If you change the dimensions of the Dorico window, do you find that the problem goes away?

I’m on macOS Big Sur. I do typically run Dorico full-screen or maximized. I did just try making the window smaller and the properties panel came up right away.

Ok maybe that was just coincidence that time. I tried re-sizing the window again when the properties menu failed to come up, and it didn’t work this time. My display is 13.3-inch (2560 × 1600). It always manages to come up eventually, so it’s not a huge issue, but it would be nice if it didn’t happen :slight_smile: