Accessing VST3 UI components from the VST processor side...

This question has undoubtedly been asked before, sorry for any repetition.

I have a working VST3 plugin running with Cubase 7.5. All is well, I built the GUI with the editor in VSTPluginTestHost.

It turns out to be desirable for the processor to manipulate certain UI components, which are on the Controller side of the architecture. I imagine this is done using sendMessage() or notify(), but for all the many hours I have invested looking for an example, I have not found one.

So, imagine I have a CSlider UI component in my VST3 plugin GUI, and (from the processor side) I want to reset it to zero. How do I go about doing this? Please, an actual code example would be good. I need to identify the component I wish to modify, see how the information is passed from Processor to Controller, etc.

Thanks in advance!

OK, finally, after more hours than I care to admit, I figured it out. Anyone else has this question, I’ll send you the code. :mrgreen: