Acciaccatura not inputting

I’d like to end an unpitched percussion roll with an accented acciaccatura at the start of the next bar (measure).

When I try to insert the acciaccatura by clicking on the empty bar rest in which I want the acciaccatura to appear, and then using Shift-N and then typing ‘/’ as the manual says here:

…nothing happens. No acciaccatura appears.

What am I doing wrong?

May seem like a stupid question, but did you also input a pitch at the end of all that?

Ah. Not a stupid question at all. Thanks eddjcaine. :pensive: Thus I need to input:


…to have the acciaccatura appear at ‘C’.

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Yes that’s right :slight_smile: No problem!

@evansf if you’re still fairly new to Dorico, you might benefit from our First Steps guide. It takes you step-by-step through creating a piano piece, including adding a grace note.

Thanks again Lillie.