Accidental colliding with previous ledger line


I have a bit of an unusual case here. It seems like Dorico is trying in most cases to avoid collisions between accidentals and ledger lines of preceding notes, which is great. In the example below, you can see the third sixteenth note is pushed over to the right. However, the 5th sixteenth note is not being pushed over to the right, because when you zoom to the maximum, there is actually a tiny space between the ledger line and the top of the natural sign. This tiny space is seemingly enough for Dorico to think there is no collision and so it fails to push the note over. Is there any way of correcting this?
ledger-accidental collision.PNG

No, at the moment there’s no way to force that note with an accidental to move over. Once editing of note spacing is implemented, you’ll be able to intervene directly if you need to. We will also be changing the way that these kinds of almost-but-not-quite collisions are handled to make it possible for you to influence how much space in general should be allocated in this kind of situation on a more global basis, which, when coupled with the ability to edit the spacing directly, should resolve the issue to your satisfaction.