Accidental Collisions

Would anyone be able to provide an insight as to why the following accidental collisions might be happening?
Austin (1.17 MB)

You have too much forced into that system. Can you remove any system breaks (“make into system” or “wait for next system break”), or fixed casting off?

Thanks for taking a look Dan. That is the odd thing…there are no system breaks, nor do I have any fixed casting off set.

What is your note spacing set to? Something is definitely amiss in the settings. Can you post a zip of the file here?

The system is quite full, but not overfull; once you try to start inputting into a third bar, however, the system will end up overfull and just two bars will remain on the system, at which point everything will very likely look absolutely fine.

The reason that there are some collisions between accidentals is that due to the tuplet vs. non-tuplet cross-rhythms, the accidentals to the left of one note would need to be tucked against notes in the previous (say) tuplet position, but there is another non-tuplet spacing column interposed between them. When Dorico considers the minimum space needed between two successive columns, it does so only for actually successive columns, so the interposition of either a tuplet or non-tuplet column between the notes means that Dorico cannot “see” the collision. As I say, normally this presents no problem because the music is not normally sufficiently tight for this to have created an issue.