Accidental -oo automation on Group Tracks

Hi there. This is an issue I’ve been having since forever and I’m starting to wonder if I’m doing something wrong…

Here’s the problem: in Group, SFX & VCA Tracks (i.e. track types where the main lane = volume automation lane) there is a point at the bottom of the lane where the hovering cursor turns into a pencil and if clicked an automation point is added at -oo. Unfortunately while the automation point itself is undo-able, when you undo the volume does not return it’s original position so your mix is changed unless you remember the track’s volume by heart… This can be easily replicated if you have Virgin Territory on. A way to avoid it is to “lock” the track automation, but 1) there’s no way to do this by default 2) why would I lock my automation, unlock it to use it, lock it again, etc. when this should simply not be happening?

Please watch this video to see exactly what I mean:

If anyone has a fix for this please let me know because it’s driving me crazy for so long… Please spare me the suggestion to turn off Virgin Territory, make a template where all track auto is pre-locked, stop using Groups, write down my volume levels with pen & paper, use another DAW, stop writing music, and other non-solutions. Your actual feedback is immensely appreciated!

Steinberg, pretty please with sugar on top, take a look at this and do something… Thank you!


You are not alone, there are the same reports from other users already.