Accidental over a note?

Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere - I couldn’t find it on a search.

I need to move just one accidental so it sits over a note, musica ficta style. Is this doable - and if so how?

Not as such, but it’s easy to hide the accidentals in the properties panel and add that one accidental as text above the note… see this thread for how to do it: but use this link to get to accidentals rather than the metronome marks:

Hopefully this could find its way into being officially supported and available through the Properties panel someday…

I too would find this very useful.

Me too. Useful for JI also.

I would also like to see this incorporated. It is the standard convention for adding “musica ficta” in modern editions of old music. This feature is essential if Dorico is going to be successful for professional music editors

Has there been any development on this? Would be super useful!

This was discussed yesterday:

Just noticed - apologies!