Accidental settings Piano part

Hello there!

I’ve a piano part where Dorico places so much accidentals which is very unnecessary in my opinion. In the left hand there are some notes that have different accidentals than the right hand, but because of that it looks very unclear. You can see the photo.

Is it possible to adjust the accidentals for left hand and right hand separate?

Are you talking about the E’s in the final beat?
The accidentals on the single B’s look okay (and helpful) to me.

Of course one can manually hide the accidents if desired, but I sense you think Dorico should do this (in certain circumstances) automatically.

If there are very many of these cross-relations you need to hide, you could try the “modernist” style in Notation Options > Accidentals. There are many options specific to that basic setting, down lower in the dialog. But beware that such settings would apply to all other instruments.