Accidentally added the whole C: disk on plugin directories..

I accidentally added the whole C: disk on plugin directories selection (inside cubase) and the next time i opened Cubase 6.5 it started initializing all of my windows files!! :blush: i tryed to repair from windows control panel and i also uninstall and install again but nothing changed… It seems cubase keeps the options even after uninstall …

Any suggestions please ??

Win7 x64, Cubase 6.5
intel i7 2600 K 3.40GHz
16 Gb ram

Have you tried cleaning the folder manually and using a System Restore point, which hopefully you created before making changes??

i didnt unfortunatelly :blush: but i will try now to manualy delete the folder…

Finally… i went to C:Users/User/AppData/Roaming and deleted all the VSTx2 files in the Cubase6 folder, reinstalled and now opens without reading the old selection of directories :smiley: