Accidentally Closed 6.5 Upgrade Page - Upgrade via Demo?

When my elicense updated from 6 to 6.5 a download page for the 6.5 popped up but I closed it by accident and a direct download link doesn’t exist that I know of. I contacted the support team but I’d rather not wait the whole weekend to hear back as I already waited days to install Cubase due to misinformation from the prior customer service, the whole experience has been rather frustrating. Is it possible to download the 6.5 demo and use that to upgrade?

Assuming a grace period upgrade?


I ordered 6.5 but instead of the boxed 6.5 that they show on the Steinberg page they just sent me Cubase 6 and told me to grace period upgrade, which I found very misleading of a product.

EDIT: And thank you, that did work for getting me the download.

They’ll keep selling the boxed 6 upgrade until they run out of stock.
Remeber: you pay for the license, not the DVDs.

I’m just saying, when my receipt and invoice both say “Cubase 6.5 Full Version/Package Version,” as well as the fact that I’m shown a box on the website that says Cubase 6.5, I feel misled getting Cubase 6 and a digital upgrade. It’s a misrepresentation.

And a statement on the store’s product page that says that this scenario can happen…

If that statement wasn’t there, it would be.

Ah, I apologize, I never noticed anything of the sort when checking out or on the receipts.

We all miss something sometime. It’s a part of being human.

“To err is human…” - someone

Well Cubase 6.5 is up and running, so thank you very much for the help!

You’re welcome.