Accidentally delete barline

Hello community!

I accidentally deleted a barline bar in a point of my score. is there any way to make it appear again in its place?

it’s not a big problem, it can be done manually, but I wonder if there is an automatic way to do it.

thank you very much

This may be what you call manual, but in Write mode place the caret at the location of the missing bar line, and then type SHIFT+B plus the pipe (|) character–without the parentheses, of course.

If you delete a barline, Dorico should create a signpost at the previous barline. Select that signpost and delete it.

You’ll need to make sure you have Time Signatures turned on in the View–Signposts menu.

Perfect!!! Thank you!!!

There is another interesting barline behaviour. In a recent project I’d added a double thin barline but later decided that it wasn’t necessary. When I selected it, invoked the barline popover and typed ‘|’ it reinstated the single barline but it also added a signpost for an invisible time signature which was impossible to remove. I ended up undoing the barline change and simply selecting the double thin barline and deleting that. It reinstated the single barline. Any idea what that’s about?

It’s essentially a barline “override” - you can select the barline and delete it (the barline, not the signpost). You can also just select e.g. the double-thin barline and delete it, and it will be replaced by the default normal barline.

Ah, thank you, Lillie!