Accidentally Delete Flows?....

In playing around with options in Setup mode, I seem to have accidentally deleted all the music from two flows in my project. Curiously, the time signature, tempo and a fermata remain, as well as the correct number of bars, but all the notes are gone. I’m not entirely sure what I did, but is this a known problem? Doesn’t the philosophy behind the 5 modes mean that music can only be edited in Write mode? Or wouldn’t a warning dialogue be prudent if I really am doing things that could result in deleting music permanently?

In Setup mode, if you click on a Player, then remove them from a flow by deselecting the tickbox in the Flows panel, the player and all their music is deleted from that flow. Readding the player to the flow does not recreate the music.

You are right that this happens without warning, currently. Luckily you can undo it, if you do this by accident.

Thanks, Ian. I was bouncing around looking for different setup options, and I’m not sure at which point I did what I did. No great harm - this is only a practice project. Glad I found it out this way, and I’m sure the team is aware of the need to have a warning about this.