Accidentally deleted media in Pool Window

So I was working on a project that had a lot of audio files. I removed several tracks and left out those that serve as guides such as the tempo and signature tracks. I then saved it as a new file in another folder. While this new file was open, I opened the Pool Window and removed the “unused tracks” as well as cleared everything just to ensure my new project was clean. The problem now is when I open the project I duplicated the guide tracks from, Cubase tells me my audio files for it are missing. I’ve tried locating the files to no avail. Is it no longer possible to recover those? I don’t understand how removing files from the Pool Window during a new session affected the project I only intended to use as a template.

Just storing a project file doesn’t move the content to the new location. The project is still associated with the old folder structure.

Maybe you can restore some files from the thrash, it’s worth to check this in the pool.

I think it’s essentially goodbye to those files after learning someone had had the same experience: 'Remove unsused media from pool' What exactly is removed? - #6 by pumpichank

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Did you check if the files are still on the hard disk?
You need to empty the trash in the pool to delete files inside Cubase.

I checked the Audio folder of the previous project and searched for the files manually too. I’m afraid I committed a terrible mistake to keep in mind from here on. At least I had that session mixed down a few hours prior.

OK, understand. Much luck next time.

Yep, they are gone gone gone, sadly. I followed up on that thread to explain now I never remove media and I use a cloud backup solution Just In Case. Lessons learned the hard way, but I do wish Steinberg would make it much harder to permanently lose data.