Accidentally deleted 'Snap' button

Hey guys,

Accidentally deleted the ‘Snap’ button in the toolbar, no idea how to get it back. I was attempting to customize its function and right clicked the button and clicked on something else, and it disappeared - so annoying!

Feel like an idiot, and I know there is probably a super quick solution I’ve overlooked.

Thanks in advance!


Right-click there again.
IF you don’t see “Snap/Quantize” in the drop-down menu, go to the bottom of the menu, to “Setup”.

Thanks for the reply.

Right clicking brings up quick selection tools like ‘object selection’, ‘split’, ‘glue’ etc.

In which menu do I find the ‘Setup’ to find ‘Snap/Quantize’?

No worries, I’ve found it now!


You need to hold a modifier key to get the normal right-click menu. Or get rid of the quick selection in preferences.

where u c d tools displayed on th top just right click n u will c setup so pick n leave what u want