Accidentally deleting metering and other data


Often when I am selecting notes to delete my selection also includes meter markings and I hit delete and by mistake delete the metering. Is there a way to avoid this perhaps by locking or protecting metering? (see image below, this is a mistake I often make, selecting the meter with what I want to delete).


Filter>deselect only… Time signatures.

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It depends on what other data you want to keep, but you can set your filter to deselect. Using this, you could deselect time signatures etc or other objects.

Yup. I just sometimes forget to do that when moving fast… I do think a lock on time signatures would be useful. Thanks!

If you don’t want to select system objects, don’t select any. The easiest way to select a passage without selecting system objects is to select a note, rest or other staff-attached item at the start of the passage, release your mouse button, then Shift-click a note, rest or other staff-attached item at the end of the selection.

Marquee selections are good if you want to copy and paste or delete absolutely everything - system objects included - but are the wrong choice if you just want to clear the staff-attached stuff.

Ah thanks for thi!. That is a much more refined process for selecting than my crude swipe with the mouse (ha) … I like this method a lot. I appreciate it.

I meant to add: if you click the blank space in the staff that’ll select that whole measure - if you want to select whole measures there’s no need to be as precise as clicking a note.

Ah… yeah. I discovered that. Great feature. Thanks