Accidentally hit time warp, Help!

Accidentally hit time warp function while doing some editing and now the timing on my straightforward 4/4 120bpm project is totally whacky. How do I reset this so everything hits on the beat again? Tried to decipher the manual, but it wasn’t any help.


Quick! Go to your back-up copy!

I tried the ‘revert to previous version’ but no help. ‘RESET TIME WARP TO DEFAULT’. Does this function not exist? I appreciate the reply, but does anyone have a more functional solution? Please.


Wouldn’t undo work or the offline process history

That appears to be for individual clips. I need to reset the entire grid so that the whole project is back to a default 120bpm. I can’t find anything that speaks to resetting the timing grid. I hope I’m not forced to start from scratch. That would really blow! Any help would be greatly appreciated.


cant you just pop up the tempo editor, delete any tempo changes and set the original tempo back to 120?

Yeah, easier than I thought. Just deleted the markers and viola!
I guess sometimes it’s just better to hunt through the program instead of trying to find it in the manual. I feel like the documentation is more about functions rather than procedures. ie: It tells you what you can do, but not so much how to do it.

Thanks for the help.