Accidentally installed 10.5.5 in Sierra

Hi guys I accidentally installed 10.5.5 even though I don’t have Mojave installed and I have Sierra.

Should I not have done this ? Will it cause me any problems? All seems to be working even with the Hotfix installed . Don’t know if I should trust it though.

No one is trusting anything on Mac until the patch shows up at the end of the month me thinks
Im running High Sierra here with it, its not supported and all that

So you’re running 10.5.5 on Sierra as well? Are you having any problems with cubase? Mine seems to be working fine

High Sierra here, not Sierra. Laggy faders with lots of tracks linked. Many are having issues with memory leak eating up their RAM. We shall see. Ive been doing projects in another DAW till the smoke clears.
Mojave is where the issues seem to be showing up. I think its funny Cubase not authorized for Sierra , High Sierra yet ALL the issues seems to be with Mojave and Catalina, brand new 2019 $6,000 MacPros at that.

So is it ok that I installed 10.5.5 in Sierra even though steinberg said that it was only a HotFix for mojave? Is it gonna screw up any functionality In Sierra ?

I can’t seem to rollback to just 10.5 so I’m kinda stuck with
10.5.5 on Sierra even though I didn’t need to install the hotfix.

Noticed some odd behavior in 10.5.5 and am thinking now that it’s because 10.5.5 isn’t designed for Sierra.

Just trash Cubase and re install what you need version wise. Aint no rollback on Mac. 10.5 is not qualified to run on Sierra or High Sierra.

Why not move to Mojave? Im stuck here until I get a new video card to run Mojave.

IF I were in your spot Id wait till the HOTFIX comes out at the end of the month, see how that works, if not then trash Cubase and re install