Accidentally left elicenser in a different state

Currently traveled to Nashville for work, and I left the cubase dongle in Los Angeles.
I bought a new elivemser and I’m trying to get a demo version going until my real one is overnighted.

BUT, no matter what I do, I cannot get Steinberg to send a trial link to my email.

I’m using a new email in a new account not attached to my Cubase purchases.
Obviously, I’ve checked spam folders and such.

Any advice on what my options are?

Maybe this (Zero Downtime)…

Remember, you need to use the email associated with your MySteinberg account (where your license is registered).

Or maybe you can get your hands on a lesser version of CB that uses a soft eLicense to store its license.

Good luck

Regards. :sunglasses:

SZDT would be the correct one if the dongle was lost with no chance of retrieving it. In this case, he’s waiting to get the dongle back.

@drasticmeasures: I’m sending you a trial code via PM