Accidentally "Saved as"....lost my song?

very stupid mistake guys…

ok so while i was in the processing of trying to save a project called “Slow Piano”, i went under “file” and accidentally double clicked on another project called “anotherstruggle”. because of this, slow piano has overwritten anotherstruggle and i cannot access another struggle. Am i just screwed or is there a way for me to get this track back and revert what i just did? i wish you can undo saves :cry:

You say track, but do you really mean project?

yes i am sorry, i meant the whole project. i WISH it was just a track :cry:

Did you see if there were any backup versions in the project folder? You may need to Show Hidden Files to see them. Otherwise, you may be stuffed. Was it audio, MIDI, or a combo of both? The audio files should still be in the audio folder.

A valuable lesson learnt, we’ve all done it at some point.

A very cool feature is to save every now and then using Ctrl,Alt,S this will automatically append a number to your save name and create a save undo list, which can be a life saver :wink: