Accidentally setting L / R markers with mouse

I do this constantly. If you click the region at the top where the measure markers are, it sets the current song position to where you clicked. Except for when it doesn’t. If you happen to click the very top edge, it will instead set the left marker, aka locate point 1.

Since it’s only at the very top edge, you’d think it would be rare to make this mistake, but apparently I have a magic mouse with infrared targeting capabilities because it happens enough to be an irritation.

Is there any way to disable the feature of setting the L/R marker with the mouse? I’ve looked in the manual, preferences, etc. and haven’t seen it, but I’m hoping I’ve just overlooked something obvious.

If Steinberg implemented a proper undo function, you could just hit CTRL-Z and keep working with minimal interruption.
We can but dream…


My only suggestion is to search for one of the many feature requests about this topic and vote for it.

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Crazy. My mouse is all thumbs (Ha!), and never once while I’m fumbling around up there have I reset the left locator … making me think maybe it is a preference perhaps?

You just too good. :wink:

Some of the feature requests are for the preference you are thinking it has. It don’t.

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Well, it would be a Cubase first, but I’ll take it! :slight_smile:

For anyone else who gets happy with the mouse on a regular basis, I found one approach to solving this problem.

I’ve noticed if I have the left / right markers set to encompass the entire song, clicking within those boundaries doesn’t reset the markers. It’s only when clicking before / after the left / right range.

Not a perfect solution, but close enough for rock and roll.

I dont know about that… I’ve clicked between the markers and had both markers move to that spot.

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Argh! So much for my fix. :slight_smile: