Accidentally transferred my license to my USB dongle, I guess I'm screwed, now?

Since 2017 (that’s when Dorico 1 was released, right?), I’ve enjoyed NOT having to plug in a @!#$ dongle every time I want to fire up Dorico. Software licenser for the win.

Recently, however, in the process of moving Dorico over to a new laptop, I applied my activation code to the wrong licenser. Oh, no big deal, I’ll just move it to the right one, just like I can with iLok and my EastWest samples.

Oops! Not permitted. :smiling_imp: So, what, I’m hosed, now? Doomed to have to carry around a key wherever I take my laptop, in case the mood to compose strikes me?

Unfortunately you cannot move a license back from your USB-eLicenser back to the Soft-eLicenser.

Understood, Mr. Spreadbury. I figured that was the case, my fault for not paying attention!

No worries, thanks.