Accidentals appearance in vertical relation.

In „notation options” there are a lot of possibilities to set the accidentals appearance, but I see only the ones, which are related to single staff, in horisontal relation. Maybe I miss something.
I would like to change their vertical relation.
See the example of:

Each staff represents one player.
I want to globaly set, that presence/absence of accidentals depend on what happens within the single player, not all players. How can I do it?

I’m sorry, I’m not quite sure I understand what you’re asking, Piotr. These two staves belong to different players? In that case, the state of the accidentals is completely independent, and the presence or absence of an accidental on a staff belonging to one player will not have any influence over which accidentals appear on another staff.

In „notation options” – „Accidental duration rule” I set „common practise” and set „no cautionary” everywhere it is possible.
In the example I’ve send there are a lot of accidentals, which are unnecessary. And I have in my score a lot of bars, where this kind of situation appears. And I don’t know why it is happening.
See another example:

I don’t know why in a bottom staff the second note (B) have cancellation accidental. My only explanation was, that it appears because on the upper staff I have B sharp.
But maybe the problem is not there. Maybe I overlooked some option, which switching off this kind of behaviour. Or maybe it is connected with „copy/paste”? I don’t know.
Or maybe it is because of divisi feature. Sorry, but you could missunderstood me. This staffs belongs to different players indeed, but in Dorico’s teminology this is one player, but with divisi feature switched on. I didn’t tell this information.

I did some test and the result is very strange.
See the attached video.

Two upper staffs belongs to Violini I section, two bottom - Violini II section.
I am changing the pitch of violino 5 (in Violini I section) and violino 1 (in Violini II section) and the reactions of violino 6 (Violini I section) and violino 2 (in Violini II section) are different. I don’t know why. But I don’t want the beheviour of Violini I section.
I hope, I am clear. (1.71 MB)

Right, it is indeed very significant that the instruments in fact do belong to the same player because they’re part of the same divisi. At the moment there is no control over whether or not accidentals should ignore the other staves, but this is certainly something we’re talking about.

Not sure if this is exactly the same thing, but I’d like to see an option that only puts a cautionary in the same staff as the preceding accidental. Currently, I’m getting cautionaries in Violin 2 when the accidental is in Violin 1. A player is unlikely to play an unwritten accidental just 'cause he can hear it somewhere else.
(Singers, yeah… :wink: )


Do you really mean separate instruments held by separate players? I wouldn’t expect that.

Hmm. You’re right. Please ignore me.