Accidentals don't work beyond x and BB

I’ve just installed the latest update, and found that the following is still the case:

Selecting a note and clicking any of the custom accidentals beyond natural, sharp, flat, double sharp, and double flat, does absolutely nothing. No change visually for notation, no playback change.

Is there a workaround, and will this be addressed soon?

Using the alt- or alt= to lower or raise by half-steps will allow us to go as far as possible without reaching quadruple flats/sharps. For example a written 3rd-space treble-clef C can be respelled to be a B# or an A### but it can only be altered to be a Dbb – since there is no triple-flat equivalent. So perhaps the accidentals aren’t working as you want for the particular pitch you’re trying to respell.

Or is there another way to get custom accidentals that I’m not yet aware of?

You can get up to triple sharp/flat by using the transpose dialog and using the Number of Divisions option. Select the note, then open the Transpose dialog from the Write menu and select “Number of Divisions.” You can raise or lower the note up to 3/12s (3 half-steps) and if you do that for 2 or 3 half-steps the correct double or triple sharp/flat will show.

Sorry, I meant to write something about this in my blog post, but in the rush to get it finished yesterday, I wasn’t able to do so.

To get microtonal accidentals working, first choose a tonality system from the drop-down at the top of the Key Signatures and Accidentals panel, then (and this is the important part) create an atonal/open key signature in the score. If you don’t do this step, then the active tonality system is still 12-EDO and therefore no quartertones are possible. So select the bar rest or time signature at the start of the score, type Shift+K, and enter “open” or “atonal”, then hit Return. This won’t have any visible effect, but you will now be able to use the extended accidentals in the panel.

There is still no playback of microtonal accidentals as yet, I’m afraid, but this will be addressed in future.