Accidentals in modern music

Some modern composers repeat accidentals when notes are tied over the barline. Some (Henze in the 70s, if I rember the right one now) even repeat it at every single representation of a note, tied or not. Is this possible in Dorico, or upcoming?
Accidentals reiterated.JPG

(The attachment was made in Finale.)

This appears the closest option, but it does not appear to apply to tied notes.

That does not change the behaviour of notes that are tied over from the preceding, if I get it right?

No, it does not. Showing the accidental on tied notes across the barline is also very common and has been discussed some time ago. While there is no global setting for it [yet], you can switch accidentals on/off for any note in the Properties Panel…

I see. I even have to be in engrave mode to be able to choose the different segments of the tied note. Ok – not ideal, but doable …