accidentals in Petaluma Script

I’m writing technical exercises for my students and I’m using the Petaluma font. Is it possible to implement accidentals in the Petaluma Script font for the titles of the exercises?
e.g. Exercise 1: Eb

Dear Geert,
This has been told in different threads lately : have you tried U+266D (quite easy to write on mac)? I’m confident the flat symbol is in Petaluma script. (Flat and sharp are +266E and +266F)

Dear Marc,

Yes, I’ve seen the threads, but that’s with the Bravura font.
Can you help me with the codes? Where do I write them? I’ve tried to write that in the text popover (shift-X), but had no succes. :slight_smile:
My titles are now in text frames with the flow titles tokens…


Are you on PC? Unicode only works on Mac.

Bravura and Petulama are both compatible with Smufl. The codes for characters should be the same for both fonts.

I’m on Mac… The problem is that I don’t know how to input the codes.

This was a little tricky for me to figure out.

I went to System Preferences>Keyboard>Input Sources and checked “Show Input Menu”. Then I had to add the Unicode input by clicking the “+” button and selecting Unicode Hex Input from the list.

To type in Unicode characters, select Unicode Input from the menubar menu, hold down the Alt key and type the unicode value, 266E, for example.

Switch back to the regular input source so the Alt key will let you type accented characters.

2018-11-26 15.19.14.png

You can type Unicode characters on Windows, by the way. Read this.

Ahhh!!! How did I not find this previously? Very helpful, thanks!!

Great !
I think we now have a thread with all the information about those accidentals in titles, labels or whatever :slight_smile: You even might add that to the beginner’s guide, Dan!

Here’s a post that you might find interesting. Haven’t checked whether the glyphs exist in Petaluma as well, but they work well with Bravura: