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Hi all,
I’m returning to Dorico because of the new update. Seems spectacular.
I have a question:
When I use “modernist” setting for accidentals (my preferred for non-key-signature, twelve-note music), the cautionary settings seem to be disabled. For example, if a G# is followed by a G-nat, the natural will not appear. I know I can force the naturals to show (I do this in write mode using the “0” key). But I would hope that the choice for cautionary settings in notation options would work in “modernist” mode.
Is this a bug? Or is it, somehow, a feature?
David Froom

Dr. Froom! Fancy running into you (Matt Samson here, btw, in case you can’t tell from my picture :wink: )

I don’t think it’s a bug. The cautionary accidentals section in Notation Options has a little notice at the top that says, “Cautionary accidentals only appear when the common practice accidental duration rule is used.”

I’m sure you know this, but if you scroll down from there, there’s the section on Modernist Options (which obviously applies when you are using the “modernist” convention). Best I can tell, your problem would be fixed if this section were a little more fleshed out (for me, no amount of fiddling in this section seems to achieve the desired result, though there is of course the possibility that I’ve not been thorough enough).

Just out of curiosity though, regarding your hypothetical G# followed by a G-nat, is it over a barline, or not?

If the former, I don’t seem to be able to find any suitable way to make that happen automatically either.

If the latter, while you can get the natural to show up automatically (by changing the “Accidentals on repetitions of the same note anywhere within a bar” from “always restate” to “do not restate…”), it means that any other G#s in the bar in between your initial G# and your G-nat are not gonna show up, which is sorta the whole point of the convention methinks, so this is not really viable either.

I imagine either of these cases could be fixed by adding at least a couple of courtesy settings, if not more, to the Modernists Options section, which would be a welcome addition.

Hi Matt,
Thanks. I hadn’t scrolled down far enough to find the “modernist” options. That should solve most of my issues.
Nice to know there is a local resource for Dorico issues! I’m not fully converted from Finale, but the new update (especially the amazing cues) put me very close to switching completely.

You’re welcome, of course! Though, I’m hardly a resource at this point. I jumped on the Dorico train after v1.1.10, and though I was surprised to learn that I could actually use it as my primary composing software and even for a good number of my engraving gigs, I’m still learning the ins and outs. That said, the learning curve is not bad at all, and it’s going quite quickly :slight_smile:

P.S. Agreed, the cue tool is mind-blowing.