accidentals on turn (ornament)


under ornaments, you can add a turn (or inverted turn). However, unlike with trills, there is no option to add accidentals.
This should be possible above and below the turn.

This is absolutely necessary and should be implemented. Is there some kind of workaround?

Any help would be appreciated.


You can already add an accidental to a turn. In the properties panel, look for the field of “interval above” or “interval below.”

Dan, thank you for the fast help.

I saw that, but I didn’t realize that that “interval” would give the accidental.
Now it works, thank you!


This is probably a temporary user interface, until ornaments play back. Before trills played back, they had the same interface to create accidentals.

Note, I have no idea when ornament playback might appear in a future version!