accidentals question

Is it possible to have Dorico set up to show accidentals on all notes in open-duration bars (and follow standard accidental rules in bars with time signatures)?

I think this is the expectation from Lutoslawski, or what I remember from his scores.


No, you can’t change the accidental duration rules on this kind of basis, I’m afraid. But you can set a key command for “show accidental”, then select all the notes in your open meter section and set them all to show their accidental with a single keypress.

thanks! yes but this does a bit too much because it also puts naturals in front of all the natural notes. Is there a way to filter only notes that are supposed to have an accidental?

Yes, you can filter for all sharps and flats: Edit > Filter > All Sharp Notes, Edit > Filter > All Flat Notes.

aha - thanks!