accidentals with transposing instruments

Hi, I created a brass quintet project from the built-in template. The project comes up in concert pitch and no key signature.

I entered b4 into the 1st B-flat trumpet with the computer keyboard. I then selected the B and made it B-flat with the minus key. When I switched to transposed pitch view, my concert pitch B-flat displays as C-flat. If I change it to C-natural and switch back to concert pitch they now display as B-natural.

When I repeat the process with a key signature containing B-flat, the display works correctly.

This is a rather insidious bug in version 1.0.10, about which I’m very sorry. The forthcoming Dorico 1.0.20 update addresses this bug, so if you select any troublesome notes that show the wrong accidental in the new update and do Edit > Reset Appearance, that will fix this problem. The update will be available very soon.

Thank you. I tried my experiment in the new 1.0.20 update and all is well.