It’s Peter again.

Please have a close look to the attachment - I put it in via MIDI…

It’s the rough input - just playing the notes from the original :wink:

Any comments?

Schubert accidentals.png

What’s the point?
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The forthcoming Dorico update will feature improved handling of MIDI files, as mentioned by Paul Walmsley in another thread. The update will also include a “respell” utility which will allow you to get rid of all those double sharps.

O!..“respell” will be included in a coming Dorico update? Such a great news!

Respell already exists, mipi (alt-- and alt-+)
notesetter is talking about the facility to select all accidentals and respell as either flats or sharps, which will feature in an update.

I am sorry, pianoleo, I didn’t understand what you mean under (alt-- and alt-+) I am talking about a one single shortcut which would give an ability to respell an accidentals quickly without thinking each time which direction you have to choose. For example:

F# to Gb or Gb to F#,
F## to G or Gbb to F.

I guess you would agree - it is most common situation you need while respelling. Of course Dorico is very intelligent program and you have a possibility to respell for example

F# to E## pressing alt+W or even
Fb to Gbbb pressing just W.

But honestly - how often it will be used?:blush: I am not against this intelligence. It gives a user a full “theoretical” flexibility. Any way I would wish there is just another “flip” option with one single shortcut. At least a possibility to set it. I am pretty sure such additional option would be extremely useful.

Dear mipi,

the keyboard shortcuts {alt + } and {alt + +} are the official shortcuts to respell to the note below or above in Dorico with an English or American keyboard. I have never used yours (alt + W) but maybe you have changed them a while ago and do not remember it…
As I use a french keyboard, my shortcuts are a little bit different, as shown in the picture.

Anyway, in the next update, we will be able to filter to a note (hopefully any ## or bb note) and then apply that shortcut.
Capture d’écran 2017-11-22 à 10.20.29.png

Thank you Marc, I am sorry, you are right - I set it possibly my self and just forgot it, because these default keys commands on a German Keyboard are quite far away from each other. Any way to filter and to apply seems to be still a long way for a usual daily work. I miss totally in Dorico such additional simple key command for flipping accidentals as it was a key command X in Sibelius.