Accidently applied wrong update...get rid of this message?

I have Pro 9.0 but accidentally applied the 9.5 update download. Now every time I open it I get the message shown (pic attached) about VST presets for Flux. I tried reinstalling 9.0.30 but still get the message. How do I get rid of it?

If you’re on Windows then use the OS program uninstall feature to remove the update.

Did you first completely uninstall 9.5? Because installing 9.0.30 on top of 9.5 will not get rid of the extra content that was installed with 9.5. Maybe after the uninstall check the Steinberg profile folder c:\users%username%\roaming\Steinberg\ and completely remove the 9.5 profile before installing your 9.0.30 again. You may also have a trial entry for 9.5 on your elicenser? As long as you still have the 9.0.30 registered correctly this should not be a problem and you can always removed this later.

I never installed 9.5, I just downloaded the latest 9.5 update and ran it. There were two modules to update, something involving HALsonic content registration, and 9.5.xx. It would not run the 9.5.xx update because it said I did not have the correct version, but it did run the HALsonic update which I guess causing the issue.

…and did you try to uninstall the update as I suggested?

If you look in the Programs installed using Windows Control Panel it may just show as a Halion Sonic SE update. You may need to uninstall this and then possibly re-install the previous version of Halion Sonic.

If you can’t get it to uninstall, go to the folder listed in your installer screenshot and delete the .vstsound file. (Only the new one!)

I had the same issue after uninstalling the trial and don’t think uninstall was an option.

There is no update that I can see visible in the installed list.

Delete the file like i said.

…yes, as Grim says.

Just did…thanks