Accidently got audio track into a different "mode"

Cubase 9.5.20 on a Windows PC.

I was manually editing hitpoints in an orchestra audio track (in linear mode, not musical) so that I could change the tempo of the MIDI piano track (musical mode) between hitpoint locations to get the piano to follow the orchestra. Everything was going as expected (e.g., there was a hitpoint area in the track inspector).

The orchestra part is made up of three clips. When I reached the junction between the 2nd and 3rd clips, I remember moving the 3rd clip a little to the left and gluing it to the 2nd clip.

At approximately that time, I may have clicked on something or hit an unknown key unexpectedly, because when I looked up, the editor (with the audio track selected) looked different and the track inspector no longer contained a hitpoint area (please see screenshot).

The word “mode” may not be appropriate, but what “mode” is the audio track in now and how do I toggle back and forth between what I was doing (with a hitpoint area in the inspector) and the situation I am in now (as per the screenshot).

Thank you.

Gluing Audio Events together turns them into an Audio Part:

Select Audio -> Dissolve Part to make them separate events again. Note that you can still edit Audio Events inside a part by double clicking them.