Accordion velocity not following dynamics when playing back using NotePerformer


I’m writing for accordion with Dorico Version (Apr 18 2024) using Noteperformer 4 for playback. For some reason Dorico does not play velocity changes for long notes, so crescendo and diminuendo is inaudible. The velocity changes only when there is a new attack. I also tried the same playback with HalLion synth accordion, but the same problem occurs. Might it be so that Dorico treats accordion as as a non-sustaining instrument for some reason? Is there any way to change this?

Thank you in advance!

Welcome to the forum, @Olli_Moilanen .

What expression map have you attached to the accordion channel (2)?

Have you tried to apply the HALion or NotePerformer Playback Template (from the Play menu) to see if dynamics then work properly?

Hi Derreck,

The expression map is NotePerformer. I tried changing to HALion sonic as the playback template and now the dynamics work, thank you! I was wondering though, if there is any workaround to make the playback work properly with Noteperformer as well?

I think this question will need to be directed to @Wallander, as Arne and his team are responsible both for NotePerformer itself and also its expression map.

Did you apply the EM manually or use the Playback Template? Even re-applying the template (if you have not already done so) may improve the situation.

When I tried it, my NP accordion does okay.
accordionTest.dorico (537.7 KB)

The problem is dynamics within a single attack, so any long note. And they still don’t work. In your example there are several attacks. I tried re-applying the template and nothing happened…

I’m sorry I’m new here, and don’t quite know how the site functions. How do I do that?

Then try with the HALion Playback Template. This seems to work better on my revised version. Admittedly NP is not doing as well at this.

accordionTest2.dorico (1010.4 KB)

Hi @Olli_Moilanen , Daniel, in his post already mentioned Wallander with a @ before his user name. This is a function of the Forum that notifies the user that his/her name was mentioned in a post/thread. I am sure Mr. Wallander will look at this and eventually answer. If you like you can add some words in your post and write @ followed by Wallander, (and you will see the name will receive a grey box) asking him directly your question, and he will be notified.

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Noted. We’ll fix this for the next update.

It’s due to the NP pipe organ and accordion currently being velocity controlled in Dorico.