Hi All,
Like several others I’ve read about, my long-time existing “MySteinberg” account seems gone. My normal login credentials are no longer recognized by Steinberg, though I’ve been a user since 2012. Has anyone found an answer, or heard from Steinberg on this issue? I cannot access my account, and therefore cannot access my products. Like others, when requesting a password reset, I’m presented with the “your account must be activated” dialogue. So frustrating.

Complicating the problem is the fact that the email I originally registered with is no longer active.

Pleading for help!

Thanks in advance…

I’m having the same problem. Is Steinberg still in business? I had a new hard drive installed in my PC, so I had to reinstall all of my tools, which included Cubase LE which I have been a registered user of for 10 months. My password wasn’t recognized so I went through the password reset process but never received the validation email. So, I tried creating a new account with a different email address. I didnt receive that email either. Its as if the company has silently gone belly-up and no longer supports any of their products. I’ve been looking online for a new release to this effect and can’t find anything. Does anybody have any information about Cubase and whether it is still supported? It was the mainstay of my music studio so I am really having to make major changes without it. If I can’t resolve this in 48 hours I am going to have to go to a different vendor.

Thanks for your input.



I feel your pain but this is a user forum, users helping users with the odd input from steiny, and your issues are most definitely best directed toward steinberg support who should be able to help you out.

I purchased a download version of Cubase Pro 8.5 five days ago, and went online to download the software. After multiple submissions to MySteinberg, I have still not received an activation message in my email or spam filter. Is there a time delay on this action? The MySteinberg page indicated that the email had been sent.

You should have got it pretty much instantly… again you should contact Steinberg support/customer services directly.

Any updates on this issue though? Also contacted support but no progress with that hence me being here for some resolution. This is frustrating though but I’m a little relieved to know that it’s just not me having this issue. Will be sharing some info in this thread too if they get back to me. Thanks

I can’t access my account either. Send a note in, which Yamaha responded too. Noted they could not do anything and referred me to Steinberg. So I forwarded the email to them, haven’t hear back.