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8.3 is messing with my workflow and creating some odd errors, and I want to rollback to 8.2
I (stupidly) deleted the .msi file… Is the N8 (DAC) file in my downloads a base version ie 8.0 or is it a fully patched version?


It’s a Full Installer Nuendo 8.0. Then you can update.

I am curious about what your workflow problems with 8.3 might be.

Hi Oliver.
I’ve been hit with multiple workflow issues, that may or may not be 8.3 related, but since it’s the only variable that has changed…

iLok error: Standard Exception. No More Data to Read. I can actually open the plugin when this happens, but it’s 50/50 that the audio is actually being processed
Random box comes up, stating “Unknown Error”… well, thanks? This may be related to below, but it comes up while tracking
Recording dropouts. No issue on 8.2 with same system setup and npr files. Have tested this on three systems - install 8.2, record. Pass. Update and we get errors
Disabling outputs on tracks generates an unknown error on export. My system runs multiple physical outputs to a summing box. When I’m tracking/editing/mixing I’ll send all the harmonies to a BV output buss, for instance. However, if I’m wanting to export tracks for an external engineer, I will send the tracks to nowhere, so that they get unprocessed files. Also, this means they get mono versions rather than the stereo version that gets generated by the specification of the output routing - send a mono track to a stereo group or output and export the mono track from the File-Export-Audio Mixdown check box system and it will be stereo, rather than mono. Standard export when routed to a output works fine, disconnecting the outputs creates error