Account for sale, Full list of software's in the thread

I’ve decided after 34 years of being in the Steinberg eco system to call it a day .

The following Steinberg software’s are tided to this account

Spectral Layers 10
WL 12 pro
Halion 7
Various loops and content for Halion and GA

The Dongle , with all previous versions of all the above softwares ,so basically you’ll have everything right back from the start if you wish and very handy if you have just bought into C12 or 13

For more info please message me with an offer , please don’t lowball BUT im priced to sell so you WILL be getting a major bargain with everything bundled together .
So if you know a studio starting up or you just have loads of cash to spare this is a great opportunity to buy into the Steinberg ecosystem in one go

Many thanks

Are switching to another system and, if so, which?

No , non , Im jacking , software is not my thing any more , too much trouble . Quitting music all together .
I don’t like the direction Steinberg gone , i don’t like the constant battle with DAW’s , I don’t like forced updates , I don’t like the music industry any more , and i HATE The way this forums run and the lack of critical updates .

I’m not sure on the transfer policy but if there’s no transfer fee’s then i would except £1000 for the lot
Some Halion content includes Lyrical Phrases there’s Loop content as well

£1000 i think is a very very good deal considering you get the dongle as well with ALL full access to older programs

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Hey guy,

Man this was a hard read tbh. Never nice to hear/read about a fellow creator/artist giving up due to frustrations of the kinds you mentioned.
Dude, have you thought about taking time out? Maybe a year and do a little traveling?

You are a creator my friend pls dont let the system come between you and your art. Take time out guy you may end up with regrets after throwing the towel in.

Oh and the £1000 you are asking for is dead money bro… Dead as in once you get it youll spend is on something and all what you have learned and collected over the years will be worth just that… Nothing. Keeping your arsenal gives you an opportunity to take time out really think about this and if you decide to come but… You wont be kicking yourself.

Take time out and Think about this bro!

All the Best :beers:


I’m nearly 60 , i just want out of the game , haven’t even turned on the DAW since this post and im really not bothered , i juast want to sell and be done with it .

Music dont car about numbers my friend only fashion does. Leonardo Da Vinci is said to of been between the age of 52 -60 when he painted Mona Lisa… Your never told old to make music bro.

It sounds like you have given this thought. Good luck with what you decide to do in the future. maybe some day we’ll see you here again.

All the best :beer:

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All software’s are now deactivated and codes are ready to transfer

C13 pro £250
Wl 12 pro £250

Here’s a link for a full ist of software
Marketplace – Steinbergs latest software sale C13 ,WL 12 Pro, Halion7 and more | Facebook


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