Account setup screwy?

Anyone else having trouble just creating an account for ordering?

I get an email showing the account is created and a different (temporary?) password…even though I chose my own password when I created the account…but I can not log in either with MY password or the temp on given.

When I ask for a password reset…it says no account created for that email!!!

I assume you’re no longer having problems with this, but if you are, try emailing and explain the situation.

I had this exact same problem, which delayed me getting hold of Dorico for several hours. But it eventually seemed to work, seemingly by attrition…


I am having the same problem. I hope time clears it up. I got and email with subject “Steinberg Online Shop account” and text stating “This e-Mail is a confirmation of your registration”. I would assume that meant my account was set up. I don’t remember giving a password for the account so I’m not surprised a temporary one was provided, but am surprised the password (or perhaps my email address) doesn’t work.

I sent a message to suggesting this is not a confidence-building introduction to Steinberg’s online shopping process.