I’ve been looking at the video and read the pdf manual, but found no answer to this question. I may simply have missed it.

Is there any way to set up access restrictions (like accounts with an OS) in iC pro (iOS)?

This is a very important feature! Why? Well, when I use it to remote control Cubase myself I, obviously, require full access to all the features. However, when I use it to let a performer control his/her monitor mix, I don’t want him/her to have access to anything but the cue mix section. Not the Mixer, the Transport controls, the Key Commands, etc.

Think of it as having an administrator account and a visitor account.

Hello Svenne,

Sorry for the late reply.
Unfortunately that is not possible, but I added that to our list of feature requests.

That’s nice to hear. Note, however, that this is only one of two major things that needs to be addressed if IC Pro is to be of any use for the purpose of letting the talent control their own cue mixes.

The second is the number of cue channels (faders) the talent are requested to deal with. A project can easily run in to the hundreds of tracks/channels. Each with it’s own Cue knob/fader. This is too much of a demand to put on a singer/musician. The talent is there to concentrate on singing/playing, _not_on acting as an assistant recording engineer. The maximum faders that a performer can be asked to deal with, without becoming too distracted from his/her primary task, is 8-10.

What is required, therefore, is to introduce “Cue Groups” in Cubase, which are independent from the engineers mix, and then limit what is presented in IC pro’s Cue Mix View to these Groups. I guess that separate independent “Cue Groups” for each Cue Mix is required.

I hope that you give these issues (Acounts & Cue Groups) prioritized attention. Because, without them, Cubase IC Pro is useless for one of the major purposes for which is marketed, which is a sad state of affairs.

These issues aside, I feel that Cubase IC Pro is a very good app and has the potential to become a “killer app”, that noone can afford to do without.

Oh, while I’m at it. I’ve posted a suggestion for a very useful feature here: