Accuracy of display in regards to electrical signal

Hey hey hey! I freakin love this thing man. How does the display read the electrical impulses? Generally of course. I’m currently looking at the amplitude of a roughly 520 hertz peak that stretches a milisecond or so just in total adoration of the technological marvel that this is and I wondered if the electrical impulse is somehow exactly this that I’m looking at. I see this honeycomb type represention. Is that the actual vibration of the diaphram of the mic input that I am using on my laptop? Digital representation of course. It just seems to me to be what must be a perfect or rather actual representation. Thank you.

Could you post an image? That would make it easier to understand what you’re talking about.

It just the image of the amplitude of a snare.

That’s what I’m wondering about.

The diaphram I would imagine is sending electrical impulses accurately from the source to the display. When you zoom in you see the honeycomb visualization. Is that a mock up or actual electrical pathways that the program is interpreting from the electrodes on the diaphram? See what I mean? Honestly though the lower the amp the more noise you see so noise I guess is the ultimate low level layer. The intensity of the noise in the particular acoustic arrangment is what must create what must be an accurate representation. Still just freaking love this thing.