Accusonic Era-D sluggish

I tried to use Accusonic Era-D NR plug in (in mono) and it is so sluggish (reacts with huge delays with handling, if at all) that I cannot use it. WLPro 9.0.15, Yosemite, Mac Pro.

If this is anything like iZotope RX5 De-Noise, it probably has a very high CPU demand and not ideal for real-time use (especially if your computer is not super fast). Are there any settings that let it run in a “light” mode as a test?

Does it perform better in real-time in other DAWs for you? I ideally you could test another DAW that uses VST2 or VST3 for a more common comparison. I’m not sure what could be done on the WaveLab side to optimize it better. I would email Plugin Alliance to see if they have done any testing in WaveLab for real-time playback/use. Perhaps there is a performance difference between VST2 or VST3 that could provide a clue?

That is a Hexcore MacPro and it can handle multiple Era-D plug ins at once very well in other apps. I also have RX5 Advance and use it very often on the same machine … I can preview RX5 denoising with the highest quality settings running smoothly. It is not the machine. Era-D has even problems in WL9 I described without any denoising running at all.

Interesting. Thanks for the extra info. It will be interesting to see if the issue is with WaveLab itself (or some settings), or if the plugin developer hasn’t tested or optimized for WaveLab use. I find that many smaller developers test VST only for Cubase and assume WaveLab will be OK which sometimes it’s not.