Ace of Pace

So the groovy folks at Pace decided it was time for a new and even groovier version of License Manager. I suppose a new version was required because the old version was not quite groovy enough. So the groovy auto-installer thingy heads off to the internet to acquire this new super-groovy version but stalls and hangs… Task Manager is reporting an ever-so-groovy process grinding away at 13% which is great because 13 is my favourite prime number. After much meditation and green tea I decide to kill the process (not very Zen I know) and launch Cubase 7.5. because I believe I need to be punished for having murdered a poor defenceless process and I am certain that my groovy i-lok-incarcerated plugins will be happy to administer the lethal injection. I am not disappointed. Duly dispatched to ilok-plugin afterlife, including eulogies such as ‘Cubase has become unstable…’ and ‘You are using unlicensed i-lok stuff and you are not groovy…’ and ‘…Dandy dongle dead…” , I ascend to the next level of consciousness.

There I am, facing my maker… “… So, Casey… You killed a process and here you stand before me on this, the day of judgement…”. I respond defiantly “… Yeah and I’d do it again given half a chance… That bloody process killed my USB driver… it had it coming…” Noting my unrepentant and remorseless tone the great one sends me back to the land of the living charged with an eternal and thankless task and new moniker: Angel of iLok

I now wander the breadth of creation – homeless, penniless, friendless… Somehow I appear as an apparition to those suffering from iLok beasts (Bleasts) and Demons (iLock Mess Monsters) and do battle with these agents of inanity.

What a gig.

That was an entertaining read :sunglasses:

Agreed, most entertaining read, cheers for the chuckle… :smiley:

Haha! Love it.

Hey fellow Canadian. Just checked out your pics.

Usually I say this to women only, so if you’ll indulge me just this one time - nice rack!

Actually nice couple of racks! Love the 3 monitors as well.

The whole room looks inviting & inspiring :exclamation:

Hey jamusic…

Usually I say this to women only, so if you’ll indulge me just this one time - nice rack!

I’ll take it… References to my ‘other’ rack usually involve expletives and vomiting…

well maybe thats explains your Blog content from 28 may 2012!

:laughing: :laughing:

Indeed… How I miss the old days… Now when someone pukes in the studio its just a little jaunt to Memory Express…