Acidized wav bpm?

Hey )

So i imported some acidized wavs.

Mediabay simply shows me 120bpm instead of the right tempo after scanning.

Q: how can cubase scan the files to show the correct bpms?


120bpm is the default acid tempo in the Meta data chunk…If the original “creator” never went into the prefs, all the exported acid data is set to 120bpm.

MediaBay reads this Wav chunk and assigns the Tempo field to 120bpm, overiding the actual length/bars calculation.


Seems someone doens’t know how to acidize properly:p


EASIEST way to correct this error is highlight all the files ( shft /click …“correct tempo of files” (by right click) , then check the box “dont ask again” Cubase will over ride the error by Acid metadata , by adjusting each file based on bars beats / length)