Acompany bar numbers on score with different units (for example: bar number + seconds)

Hi there! Could you please add one more option to the score editor that would allow the user to choose a unit to be displayed along with the bar number? Maybe something like this (bar number + seconds):

Thank you.

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I second that.
I have already asked for a timecode ruler in the Score.


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Time formats are absolute positions, bars and beats are relative positions.

This does not matter here. This is a common feature of notation scoring programs.

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Yes, and you will notice that the ruler on my mockup is not linear.

Sorry, I need to be more precise…

I think the idea with the combination of bars and seconds in one ruler is not possible.
Or maybe I misinterpreted @alin89c’s request.
A second ruler could be the solution, of course, and maybe he was meaning that.

No. I think a ruler would be harder to implement. As my original post says, I’d like an option (that would allow me to choose what other unit/units to be displayed along with every bar number in a score). This would be helpful for the people I collaborate with—for them to find what’s going on at some point in the development of the piece that I composed/recreated.