Acoustic Agent & Alesis Crimosn II

Really appreciate any advice as I’m just about to give up and go with EZDrummer2… :slight_smile:
Cubase Pro 10 / Groove Agent 5 SE

I have Alesis Crimson II e-drum kit and spent too many hours trying to get the hi-hat to work with Groove Agent and the acoustic agent.
Read all the docs and forums and still can’t find a way to get the hi-hat open/close to be triggered by the foot pedal.
One thing that looks like a bug in the hi-hat settings there is a visual showing the hat open and closed and should be mapped to the pedal.
Right-Click does not bring the menu allowing the mapping of the CC. Now I know that should work since in “THE KIT” it does… I can map the foot pedal and even see the hat open and close…

What I want is a simple instructions on how to get the hi hat to open and close with the pedal and trigger the right notes…
Please help if you have first hand experience… as I’m really at the edge… trying so many things.

I just got an Alesis DMkii Studio kit and hope there’s a way. What about Beat Agent? have you tried with that?