Acoustic Agent - Tom's Panning

In Acoustic Agent, we need the ability for each tom to have it’s own output and thus control panning. If I’m right, All toms are bussed to the same channel and therefore they cannot be independently panned. I see it can be done in Beat Agent as each pad can be assigned it’s own output. But once in Acoustic Agent, there is no output assignment for the pads.

In the full version of Groove Agent 5, you have access to the individual Tom channels.

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Romantique, Thank you so much. I had actually found it just now and came back here to clarify that I am indeed incorrect. thank you for your help.

Is this only an option with “Acoustic Agent” and not “Acoustic Agent SE” ?

Yes, it’s only available to expansions such as the Simon Phillips drumkits, and the kits from the full version of Groove Agent 5.

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