Acoustic drum loops in C7?

HI all

i have used Drums on Demand and RMX for these and with all the new content in cubase i was wondering if there are any greatr acoustic drum kip loops, midi or WAV is fine

i play rock and want real drums, not hip hop loops

is there anything like this in C7 ? if so what would you recommend i check out?

i dont want to build my drums from scratch either, i would like full parts like RMX or DOD, and jsut drag and drop them in and build a song. if they are midi that i can tweak a little that would be great to


There’s tons of great acoustic drum MIDI Loops included in Cubase 7! In the attribute inspector section of Mediabay just select “MIDI Loops” in the “Media Type” section, select “Drum&Perc” in the “Catagory” section, and select “Acoustic” in the “Character” section. I can’t remeber off the top of my head right now, but I’m pretty sure there are acoustic drum audio loops included in Cubase 7 too…

The Allen Morgan drum parts are probably the best place to look for you in Cubase, but there isn’t a tremendous choice there. I like EZDrummer - free version is available. Addictive Drums, MDrummer, GarageBand Drummer – They all offer more of what you want for a low $$. And they offer more upscale versions, too.



was hoping to just stay in cubase if there was some good stuff. i have superior drummer as well as Drums on demand and RMX so i am covered but i thought it would be cool to just stay in cubase if possible now

i will check some of those out though


In all fairness, you’re comparing dedicated drum libraries to the free library in a DAW? Yeah there are loops, but nowhere near the amount contained in RMX. However that’s not point though of the DAW - Cubase is built to work and mangle those loops, imagination being the only limitation. …

Why would you want to use beatz in original tunes?

they are used to write the song before i send them out to a real drummer and alot of the DOD and RMX loops contain great fills and parts i couldn’t play on my keyboard but fit the song perfectly so that the real drummer knows waht to play or as close to what i am thinking as the songwriter that i can get

make sense?

Definitely, the burning grooves expander with Abe Laboriel JR is. …erhm …banging!!