Acoustic EP made with Cubase Artist 6

Hi everyone,

This is an acoustic EP I recorded at home with Cubase Artist 6. Quite a basic set up with drummer set up in the bedroom next door to the room the PC is set up while me & the bassist put the guide tracks down. we then went back over it & layered it all up from there.

Hope some of you like it :slight_smile:


Sounds like you guys had a blast. It’s great playing together as a band. Well done all of you :sunglasses:

Generally sounds good - got a nice live organic sound which I like. :sunglasses:
I did think that at times though the drums sounded somewhat ‘small’ relative to the acoustic guitars and I wasn’t really aware of much bottom end - kick/bass.


Glad you like it. Yeah, I’m struggling a little with the bass end. I think it’s partly because I’ve moved to using nearfields (from just PC speakers (don’t judge me!)) & I’m not used to the response yet & over compensated on rolling the low end off at the final mix stage. I’ll get there eventually :smiley: I really appreciate the feedback, always helpful to get a fresh pair of ears on things.